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I’mma vent for a second

Okay people, this is important. Are you ready?

A TYPEFACE is a design, such as Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, Tahoma and, hell, even Comic Sans and Papyrus.

A FONT is a thing that enables the printing of typefaces. Type foundries produce fonts.

Creating/choosing a TYPEFACE and producing a FONT are two different things. Think of it like this: A TYPEFACE is a like a song that’s produced by an artist. A FONT is like the MP3 file for that song. Got it?

So the next time you’re talking to a designer or a creative manager, use the right terminology. Deep down, in the small part of their soul that still has empathy, they’ll appreciate it.

On Morning Calories

Egg McMuffin: 290 calories

Starbucks Butter Croissant: 310 calories

This has been a post.

To answer your statement, no. I don’t have an iPhone. I have a Droid Incredible by HTC (the original one that came out in March 2010). There’s a setting on this phone (and most Android devices) that allows your phone to essentially become a 3G-to-WiFi router. It uses its 3G data signal to project a WiFi network for any device to use. So, essentially, I could be in one of those airports that charges you to use their WiFi (fascist bastards), and I could bypass this by using my phone’s 3G network as a WiFi line for my iPad. This would be useful for lots of things, like downloading from iTunes or going on Tumblr on a device NOT the size of my palm.

However, Verizon decided that it’d be a good idea to charge users an additional $20/month in order to use this built-in feature, which is bullshit because they use this functionality as a huge selling point for people who own tablets that use only WiFi (like my iPad).

All this said, the iPhone doesn’t even have this feature, so if you’re looking at an iPhone, it’s not something you need to concern yourself with. The only thing you need to worry about is getting an unlimited data plan, which is $30/month with Verizon. Why go for unlimited data when you could pay less and get, say, 4GB of data each month? Because the iPhone’s Safari browser processes data differently than Android devices, and loading a web page on the iPhone will eat up more of your monthly data allowance than it would loading the identical web page on your Android device. It has something to do with the Apple iOS trying to figure out a way to work around any website’s Javascript or Flash, which is a problem because something like eight out of 10 websites employ one or both of these features in some way. It’s only $30/month and it’ll save you a lot of hassle, PLUS state employees receive a 15-or-20% discount on plans and accessories with Verizon. Just show them your State Employee ID or recent Paystub/W-2 form.

Album Art
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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

speaking of our wedding (why I’m being so reminisce-y [totally a word] right now I don’t know), this song kicked it off!

I’ve always wanted to know who sang this song! It’s in that NFL commercial from the beginning of the season. You know, that one that equates Cheeseheads to gangsta-ass Oakland Raiders fans. That one…

Regarding the article about the hipster chick from Juneau who puched a bear to save her daschund from being eaten

  • Chris: Laura showed me [the article] last night. "You should go for it, she's a hipster girl who loves dogs and punches bears."
  • Me: ha
  • Chris: so yeah
  • Chris: but what a badass right
  • Me: I mean she punched a bear. In the nose. Badass isn't even the word. She's a badass for approaching the bear in the first place.
  • Me: But who lives in Juneau. Srsly.
  • Chris: People who are stuck there basically
  • Me: yeah
  • Me: Also, Juno or Juneau? I'm confused.
  • Chris: Juneau
  • Chris: Juno is the god/the fictional hipster
  • Chris: Also a moon of ... jupiter? saturn?

Tech Etiquette


Anywhere it’s acceptable to work on a crossword puzzle, it’s OK to check your smartphone.