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And so, Jennifer Lawrence officially became the most delightful, funny, and likeable actress in Hollywodd. 

I love her. I think she’s great. But there’s a lack of filter between her brain and her mouth. Right now it’s cute, disarming even. And it’s probably not an affectation; she’s probably just legitimately in awe of her success and career trajectory.

But it’s either going to get really old really fast or it’s going to get her in trouble one day. Possibly both.

Not hating, just pointing it out.

Look at the Academy learning to appreciate the little guy…

I’m still processing this nominee list, but my immediate impression is that they’re finally learning to disregard their own hype. Big names don’t always equal the best.

I’ve only seen 15 new movies this year.


View the list here. Last year, I saw 52. Something’s definitely wrong here. It’s all leading up to this.

Stay tuned…

Just so we’re being thorough:

Movies I Should Have Seen By Now

  1. Chimpanzee
  2. Friends With Kids
  3. First Position
  4. Moonrise Kingdom
  5. Prometheus
  6. Brave
  7. Ted
  8. Beasts of the Southern Wild
  9. Savages
  10. The Bourne Legacy
  11. Lawless
  12. The Words
  13. Bachelorette
  14. Trouble with the Curve
  15. Perks of Being of a Wallflower
  16. The Paperboy
  17. Cloud Atlas
  18. Flight
  19. Lincoln
  20. Life of Pi
  21. The Silver Linings Playbook
  22. Hitchcock
And movies I’ll need to see before December 31…
  1. Killing Them Softly
  2. The Hobbit
  3. This Is 40
  4. Zero Dark Thirty
  5. On the Road
  6. Django Unchained
  7. Les Misérables

I’ve only seen 15 new movies this year.

View the list here. Last year, I saw 52. Something’s definitely wrong here. It’s all leading up to this.

Stay tuned…

One Fine Day: Host a Last Minute Oscars Viewing Party 


I’m hosting an Oscars party- if anyone lives in the Chapel Hill-Raleigh-Durham area and wants to join, message me for details :)


WhatIWore: This is a guest post by my intern extraordinaire, Sheri.

This Sunday marks one of my favorite days of the year. A day when I get to…

I’m going to be there, so you know it’s going to be the bee’s knees! By the way, prepare for some major public geekery. Just forewarning…

My 2011 Film Honors

While I enjoy the Academy Awards and make it my year-long mission to see as much of what it considers “the best” as possible, I recognize its shortcomings, both as a barometer of what’s “the best” and in its ability to to make the subjective appear democratic.

And that’s why I do what you’re about to read every year. I look at the year’s cinematic efforts and list my favorites. Obviously, I can’t see every movie that gets released in a given year, but I do see a lot of them. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 2011 films I’ve seen, for reference.

Finally, I don’t attempt to proclaim “the best” of anything because I’m not (nor will I ever be) a cinematic “authority.” But I do know what I like, my favorites, if you will. And here they are…

Favorite Film:
1. The Tree of Life

Honorable mentions:
2. Shame
3. Take Shelter
4. Hugo
5. Drive
6. Martha Marcy May Marlene
7. Moneyball
8. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
9. Midnight in Paris
10. 50/50

Favorite Directorial Effort:
1. Terrence Malick for The Tree of Life

Honorable mentions:
2. Steve McQueen for Shame
3. Martin Scorsese for Hugo
4. Nicolas Winding Refn for Drive
5. Jeff Nichols for Take Shelter

Favorite Performance by a Lead Actor:
1. Michael Fassbender in Shame

Honorable mentions:
2. Michael Shannon in Take Shelter
3. Demián Bichir in A Better Life
4. George Clooney in The Descendants
5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 50/50

Favorite Performance by a Lead Actress:
1. Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Honorable mentions:
2. Elizabeth Olsen in Martha Marcy May Marlene
3. Michelle Williams in My Week with Marilyn
4. Charlize Theron in Young Adult
5. Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia

Favorite Performance by a Supporting Actor:
1. Albert Brooks in Drive

Honorable mentions:
2. Patton Oswalt in Young Adult
3. Ben Kingsley in Hugo
4. Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life
5. Kenneth Branagh in My Week with Marilyn

Favorite Performance by a Supporting Actress:
1. Kim Wayans in Pariah

Honorable mentions:
2. Jessica Chastain in Take Shelter
3. Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids
4. Shailene Woodley in The Descendants
5. Charlotte Gainsbourg in Melancholia

Favorite Original Screenplay:
1. 50/50 by Will Reiser

Honorable mentions:
2. Beginners by Mike Mills
3. The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick
4. Bridesmaids by Kristen Wiig/Annie Mumolo
5. Margin Call by J.C. Chandor

Favorite Adapted Screenplay:
1. Moneyball by Aaron Sorkin/Steven Zaillian

Honorable mentions:
2. John Logan for Hugo
3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steven Zaillian
4. The Ides of March by George Clooney/Grant Heslov/Beau Willimon
5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by Bridget O’Connor/Peter Straughan


The Best Picture Nominees, As Infographics | Vulture

Tree of Life

Still my favorite movie of the year. Also, the link is brilliant.


The people and themes that connect the 9 Best Picture nominees.

You could also connect Moneyball and ELAIC as “Based on a Best-Selling Book”