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Living, working and playing in North Carolina, trying to make heads or tails of this whole being an adult thing.

So I got this letter in my work mail today. Almost didn’t see it because it was jammed inside today’s copy of The Daily Tar Heel.

Cutest. Kid. Ever. Good taste in, well, everything. Props, also, for knowing business-style letter setup. And for knowing to look for the “marketing” guy to get promo stuff. Kid’s only 11 and already has more life skills than some college grads I know.

I’m mailing him an extra copy of this year’s men’s basketball poster and some embroidered Tar Heel stickers. Along with a hand-written note from me thanking him for his letter.

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    My son? Yeah I think so :)
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    I hope that little boy ends up going here eventually that’s the cutest thing ever
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