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Living, working and playing in North Carolina, trying to make heads or tails of this whole being an adult thing.

Fucking water…

Anyone want two free tickets to see BAD WORDS tonight in Raleigh?

I got the invite, but I have a work happy hour.

  • Movie: Bad Words
  • Time: 7:30
  • Theater: Raleigh Grande off Glenwood

Message me if you want them, include your email address. First-come, first-served, y’all.

First Listen: Nickel Creek, 'A Dotted Line' 


Puppy vs. Ice [charlavail]


Kayden’s first time experiencing rain (x)

(via whatyousaybabyk)

Soooo, I just registered for the #FleetFeet4MileRun on April 26, which gives me a little over one month to get back into running shape. #impulsivefitnessdecisions

Shit, my mom figured out how to use emojis.

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